Ben Murphy (ben_murphy) wrote in city_of_drow,
Ben Murphy

HUGE update to the mod

It has been a while since I have updated anything here, but several important changes have occurred in the mod.

First, no more immunity items. As I really delved into the original Path of Ascension mod, and became more confident with my ability to script, I realized that at the higher level parts of the game, we had what as basically THE BATTLE OF IMMUNITIES where high level monsters were using ridiculous spells which were just countered by players buying ridiculous items. So... now I have removed all but pretty basic standard items from the shops. These items are high level, but boring. More interesting items are now located through out the mod. This has prevented people from being able to build an uber-powerful character simply with money raised from farming the same 4 low-mid level areas over and over again. This process will make you an okay highlevel character, but if you want the really exciting stuff you'll have to go wrest it from the hands of some monster! It also bugged me that the Town of Ascension had the most powerful artifacts in the world just kind of piled up in a storehouse at their tavern... it seemed... silly. It also knocked out the whole roll of mind-spells in the game. It seemed ridiculous to give these highlevel monsters 15 level 20 harms just to have some guy have this ring to counter-act it. To level things out though, I have removed all the instant-kill abilities from the monsters - at least I hope I have. Is it fair that players can cast Harm on a monster and they can not?... well if that kind of fairness is the price paid to have fear, confusion, daze, etc. a part of the mod, then I'm willing to take it.

I am still debating whether or not I will completely delete characters whose owners haven't been online for months. I had one old timer come on with equipment that no longer fits the mod.

2. Bards and Harpers for now, and possibly Pale Masters, Blackguards later.
It always kind of peeved me how some prestige classes (RDD) were almost ridiculously powerful, while others seemed useless (Harper). The Harper Scout, that potion brewing fool, is no longer the butt of "what's the most useless class" polls. The ability called Tymora's Smile is now a truly divine protection. Instead of +2 to all saves for 5 rounds... let's try +20 to saves, +20 to AC and +8 to Dexterity for 1 round to make a nearly immortal PC for a brief time. I have tried it out myself and it is great for avoiding death in the nick of time. It isn't too uber-powerful because of the short duration, but still. Also, bards stop gaining through bard song save hit points after level 16 basically. I do not know how it works with real 3rd ed. D&D, but for this mod I decided to beef up bard song and curse song just a tiny bit at higher levels. It may be too high at the highest levels (30), but that can always be adjusted again. I think at the max level of the mod, 24 you can get the nice boost of +3 to attack, damage, AC, skills, will, (standard 2 for reflex and fort), and curse song, while not doing the damage that it used to, now decrease enemy will. Most bard spells are will-save spells. This makes a curse-song/caster combination the perfect addition to a party that needs aggression management. Pale Masters, and Black Guards may be getting improved pets as well. No more getting a worse pet after a while. Also, no more getting an Epic Fiendish Servant who is a grey plucked chicken. After the update... you'll be getting an actual fiend thank you.

Silverleaf Forest
The Silverleaf elves have been discovered in the nearby forest that the rebels tend to hang out in. They have not aided the rebels militarily, but they have been sending war supplies. They are a fairly tough bunch, but good for manageable at midlevels. Also, Silverleaf forest is the first area in the mod to feature respawnable random floor traps. That's right... the search skill is useful now and disabling traps is no longer just to get at loot.
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