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City of Drow

Just been wandering round the world wondering where everyone was then hit upon the idea of working out why there was no-one else in the world apart from me.

Think the main basic problem at the moment is where the module is aimed at rather than the contents of it. It is constructed as a team based module but with very few people being on-line there is no incentive for players to keep returning. The game is very difficult/tedious for newly created characters with only very limited areas to explore before getting splatted, as will generally happen with a solo player in a multiplayer world. This would dis-hearten most players before they get to explore much past the western road, therefore are unlikely to return. The main aim of the module should perhaps be to encourage players to keep coming back by offering a series of 'one-hit' one player missions. This could then not be exploited (as they can only be done once) and would allow players to be eased into the world they should then call home.

Another point that puzzled me was the location of the new tomb for newly created spell-casters. If it is that single room in the graveyard of the Ascension then I doubt that would keep many people entertained for long. Killing the 3-4 zombies and Shadow fiend does not really qualify as a training area for spell-casters (even if the reward is pretty useful!).

I am not trying to slate the module, because it is quite entertaining once your character is set in the world, BUT it takes a lot of patience to get to that position if you tend to be on-line alone.

Not sure what to suggest in the way of remedies other than to expand some of the existing areas to accommodate low-level players and perhaps offer some single player quests to get people interested in the module.

Otherwise keep up the great work and I'm sorry if I sounded too negative in this post.

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I hear what you're saying. Those are some good ideas. I'll try to make more one hit sort of missions in the thing. The new tomb is actually not that one room in the grave yard. It's actually way the crap back in the city. If you look in the castle and take a left immediately after entering, you'll see a room with several floating doors. Go into the one that talks about a crypt.... maybe I should move the trainer and starting point near there... hmmmm.. this is good. I'm getting some ideas. The new crypt are is cool although it can be a little overwhelming if I remember correctly. We'll see.

Thanks for the post!
Hey, the server has undergone some major re-vamping along the lines you suggested. You should try out a new caster on there. I made it so you start out having the mod explained to you, basic equipment and a voucher for a +1 weapon of your choice. There's also Ascension Academy in the town now that has the training areas I discussed before. If you get a chance to, please try it out and tell me what you think. Did you ever see the real caster training area? I tried it out myself and it's pretty fun except you do have to be careful just because there are SO many zombies. You can get your concentration broken if you're not careful, but if you can get a spell like burning hands or electrical loop off you can nuke these zombies good! You get a good chunk of XP from it too since it's something like 12 XP per zombie and there are just tons of them.