Ben Murphy (ben_murphy) wrote in city_of_drow,
Ben Murphy


Well, after frustration after frustration City of Drow is finally back up. I needed an external IP from my ISP to do it but I got it and now we're just humming along. For those of you who are new to the server (nearly everyone), welcome. Special thanks to Rice's FASTWARP community for helping and making the server a real community server.

Technical News:
Server still runs on an AMD 64 2800+ 1gig Ram with cable modem connection.
We'll be moving to a 1000Mbps switch from a 100Mbps one to take real advantage of that fast connection. That should cut down on jumped frames and whatnot.

Content News:
CEP is still not loaded and probably won't be unless there is a big push from the community. Since we are still such a tiny server I still want to be able to just tell people, "hey, join this server" and have them able to dust off their old copy of NWN and login without having to download CEP, load it in the right places, etc.

I've been visiting other servers lately and have gotten some good ideas for content in this mod. One thing I'll say we have an edge on - constant action. There isn't much walking for long stretches without something to do. One thing we lack though is specific quests. I'll get to work on that-- most likely in the form of having the police captain have you do little jobs or the bishop. Small, but worthwhile quests to do. And of course the free-form element will still be there. MORE areas are coming as well of course. Since we're going to have a glut of new comers I'll be making plenty of those kinds of areas for them... probably going to expand the goblin are, etc. Okay, hope to see lots of people there!
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